échos takes place in the heights of Le Saix, Hautes-Alpes (France - 05)

To come to the festival, the first step is to reach the village called Le Saix. From the village, you can walk to the location of the festival.

Traveling to Le Saix

By car

Once you're in Le Saix, there is a parking dedicated to the festival, on the D49 road, at the entrance of the village. For security reasons, cars are not allowed to drive further.

By train

The nearest train station to Le Saix is Veynes. Train schedule from Gap or Grenoble
Train schedule from Valence or Briançon
Train schedule from Marseille
From Veynes, hitchhiking or carpooling (dedicated web page coming soon).


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From le Saix to le Faï farm

When you get to Le Saix, follow the marks to reach the festival location.
You’ll walk for a small hour through the village and the canyon; audio installations will put you in the mood for the festival during your walk toward échos.

A shuttle will carry your luggage from the parking to the farm.

Please consider taking warm clothes and flashlights with you in case you need to walk down the canyon during the night.

For people with disabilities, please contact us to help you plan your arrival at the festival location : +33 (0)6 59 60 84 93 (Camille).