Just a few steps from Le Faï farm, three giant horns (bass, medium & treble) are linked to an amplification system. The horns are facing a concave cliff, enhancing the natural echoes of the location. Through the specific shape of the surroundings and the arrangement of the horns, the listener will perceive a variety of echoes depending on where he or she is inside the valley, the sound changing in intensity, deepness and reverberation. The dimensions of the horns and their particular shape have created the place's spirit since a couple of decades.

échos 3, as it was the case the previous years, will explore the tremendous acoustic possibilities of the horns, the cliff and the environment. This event allows the artists to question our relationship with sound, it’s movement, it’s dialog.

These three horns have been created in the 90's by a group of acousticians, true enthusiasts of the natural echo of the place. After some research and tests (power and projection), in 1994 they set up the medium and treble horns based on plans by Michel Stievenart. A third horn for the bass frequencies, made of steel with a concrete shell, completed this setup in 1997. This gigantic bass horn, created by Jacques Châtaigner, was built with the help of the association Village des Jeunes.