échos takes place in the surroundings of Le Faï farm, at over 1000m. Above a village named Le Saix, the location is an open space between the cliff and the Aujour mountain, a space that you will be free to explore during the festival.

You will discover a large, open and natural environment that surrounds the farm, its esplanade and the horns. You will be able to swim in the river next to the farm, or enjoy the numerous walking trails that lead to the abbey of Clausonne or the lake of Peyssier.

With the help of the association Villages des Jeunes, Le Faï farm has become an alternative and dynamic venue working towards three main goals:

The renovation, maintenance, and development of the farm and the Clausonne's abbey. The association organizes workshops with international youth, within exchange programs;

The help and assistance of people in problematic situations or with disabilities through rehabilitation workshops and socially-oriented residency;

The development of cultural activities by hosting artistic events, residencies, and festivals every year; échos has only been made possible thanks to the very special support of the people in charge of the farm.