The event is sold out,
Thank's everybody and see you very soon!

The previous edition of échos was a wild and stormy one; the acoustic system will tremble again through échos 3, Friday the 26th of June, 2015.

All night long, seven bands will play on the three giant horns rooted between the Aujour mountain and a peculiar-resonating concave cliff.

The artists will improvise amidst the echoes and surrounding sounds to unfold the space with music — after a week-long residency to let them feel the place. Drones, glitches and other sonic manipulations will be thrown by the horns and reverberated by the cliff through the ambient night.

The day after, rest, walk, bath, or try out the acoustic system (registration required!) — followed by an extra evening for the braves: a party with live acts at le théâtre de verdure.

The festival is taking place in a natural open environment; you'll be able to wander through the valley in search of the best listening spots. Camping is free and autonomous.

After a last night on the site, the festival and the farm will close on sunday at noon.